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Herbal teas have been around as long as time, with our ancient ancestors making infusions of the plants, roots, and herbs they saw around them. Documentation on herbal teas goes back as far as ancient Egypt and China, describing the medicinal use of drinking these herbal concoctions. Herbal tea has been used for hundreds of years for its health benefits and great taste. Naturally caffeine free, along with its combination with various herbs and spices, the benefits and great taste of herbal tea are still enjoyed around the world today. When combined with different herbs and spices, herbal tea can help in the healing process of many illnesses. This practice continues today with the use of herbal teas to support a healthy mind and body.

What People Say

“I can find appropriate flavours for different occasions, diverse friend-circles and my changing moods. ”

Stuti Mittal

New DElhi

“ Just like their tea, their service too is of premium quality. everything is properly executed. ”

Shailesh Meena


“Staying away from your native place, does have some trade-offs when it comes to local cuisine, but this variant by Omkara Pure makes life more familiar. ”

Rubrat Pegu


“I had my initial doubts but I must admit I liked its taste a lot and will be surely recommending it to all my friends as something they must try. ”



“ My latest addiction! I drink your teas at least 3-4 times a day. After workout, in office and after coming back from work. They have become an integral part of my diet. ”

Guri S.